Jenny Morgan  

Jenny Morgan is a documentary film-maker and writer based in London, England. During the late 1970s and early 1980s she had the pleasure of making explicitly feminist and anti-racist films for the BBC and shaking things up a little (so much so that she lost the job at the BBC). As a freelancer, she has made many films for Channel 4 and the BBC, other broadcasters, and non-governmental organisations. Details of her films and her published writing are available at, where you can also read her rapidly-developing blog, which features titles like 'A Cab-ride in Doha' and 'On not Knowing What You're Doing'. (7/19)

Available Title(s):

Angola Is Our Country Angola E A Nossa Terra

A film by Jenny Morgan, 1988, 45 min, Color

Angolan women are rarely heard describing the impact of South Africa‚Äôs undeclared war against their country. This moving documentary, produced in conjunction with the Organization of Angolan Women (OMA), highlights the contribution women make to the reconstruction of a country where war has consumed more than half the national budget and produced at least a…

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A State of Danger

A film by Jenny Morgan, 1989, 28 min, Color

Shot in Israel and the Occupied Territories, this extraordinary documentary offers a unique, vital perspective on the Intifada seldom seen in U.S. mainstream media. Produced for the BBC, A State of Danger gives voice to Palestinian and Israeli peace activists, most of them women. Chilling testimonies to Israeli police brutality are supplemented by interviews with…

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