Joyce Follet  

Since completing a Ph.D. in Women's History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1991, Joyce has worked as a public historian, developing community education programs, practicing oral history, and producing historical documentary. She produced STEP BY STEP: BUILDING A FEMINIST MOVEMENT, 1941-1977 and co-produced CREATING WOMEN’S HISTORY: THE SOPHIA SMITH COLLECTION. At the Sophia Smith Collection, a national women’s history archives, she directed the Voices of Feminism Project to preserve oral histories and organization records of women typically marginalized in dominant national narratives. She also co-directed the Steinem Initiative, an experiment in activist-academic partnerships to integrate knowledge of women's past into campaigns for change today. In 2017 she launched the Reproductive Justice History Project, based at Smith College, to create an interactive digital toolkit that provides movement leaders with little-known stories and archival evidence of women’s organizing for sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice, from colonization to the present. (03/19)

Available Title(s):

Step by Step: Building a Feminist Movement, 1941-1977

A film by Joyce Follet, 1998, 56 min, Color

"****Proving beyond a doubt that feminism began well before the 1960s, and that its players were not just the white middle class, this inspiring film follows the lives of eight Midwestern women, six of whom became founders of NOW. Set against a backdrop of decades of war, prosperity and reform, their stories beautifully illustrate the…

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