Kaija Jurikkala  

Graduate of the Film Academy of Finland, Kaija Jurikkala has made a name for herself as a director of films about and for young people. Her credits include numerous short and feature films and a documentary series about Finnish youth. Her feature film, ROSA WAS HERE won numerous awards in Finland. Her work has been particurlarly praised for its sensitivity towards young people. She is known for her ability to understand and convey the point of view of youths. (09/09)

Available Title(s):

Girls Around the World

A film by Kaija Jurikkala, 1999, 222 min, Color

Produced by Brenda Parkerson, GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD is a collection of six extraordinary documentaries that examine the hopes, dreams and worldviews of a diverse group of 17-year-old girls from across the globe. This multidimensional series provides a critical cross-cultural perspective into the lives of young women, the concerns they share and the difficult decisions…

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