Karen Eaton  

Karen Eaton, Producer/Art Director has been a multimedia graphic designer and artist for over 20 years. She was the founder and President of Canard Design, Inc., a multimedia design studio in New York. She served as Associate Producer on Winer’s films RATE IT X and TALES OF AN EXHAUSED WOMAN, as well as Art Director on Silent Pioneers. Most recently, Eaton acted as producer on a feature-length documentary entitled KING PARK: STORIES FROM AN AMERICAN MENTAL INSTITUTION. (8/14)

Available Title(s):

Golden Threads

A film by Karen Eaton, 1999, 56 min, Color

Profiling the life of 93 year old lesbian activist Christine Burton, founder of a global networking service for mid-life and elder lesbians this documentary by Lucy Winer and Karen Eaton, exuberantly overturns our most deeply rooted stereotypes and fears of aging. By adding the wry and introspective narrative of the director undergoing a mid-life crisis,…

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