Laura Bari  

Fascinated by singularity and difference, laura bari choses film as a way to merge arts, culture, education and mental-health issues. Her films aim to consolidate the split between the real and the imaginary as an integral part of the human condition; particularly, of the everyday heroes, protagonists she chooses. Their universe inspires her to tell stories that are beautiful and ugly, despairing and joyful, necessary and uncertain. With PRIMAS (Nov. 2017) she completes a trilogy of feature documentary films, (ANTOINE - 2009; ARIEL - 2013); not only, to build a zone of common consciousness but also to allow the process of metamorphosis-trough-art, be true. (2/19)

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A film by Laura Bari, 2018, 95 min, Color

PRIMAS is an evocative and poetic portrait of two Argentine teenage cousins who come of age together as they overcome the heinous acts of violence that interrupted their childhoods. When RocĂ­o was 10 years old, she was dragged from her bike by a stranger, raped, set on fire and left for dead. Now a teenager,…

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