Lucy Massie Phenix  

Lucy Massie Phenix has a long history of community organizing and teaching and has been making social documentary films for 20 years. Her film credits include: Producer, Director and Co-Editor of YOU GOT TO MOVE, a film about grass roots social change in the South; Editor of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ROSIE THE RIVETERr, the compilation film classic on government propaganda and women working in the skilled trades during World War II; Co-Director and Co-Editor of WORD IS OUT, the acclaimed documentary on the experiences of 26 gay men and lesbians; and collaborator on the Winterfilm Collective's film WINTERSOLDIER, a documentary about and with Vietnam Veterans Against the War which received high accolades at the Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals. She has also served as Consulting Editor on many films including BERKELEY IN THE SIXTIES, COMMON THREADS, and ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE. (08/12)

Available Title(s):

Cancer in Two Voices

A film by Lucy Massie Phenix, 1994, 43 min, Color

ā€œIā€™m the first among our friends to have cancer... Many will see their future in the way I handle mine,ā€ Barbara Rosenblum wrote after learning she had advanced breast cancer. For three years Barbara had yet to live, she and her partner, Sandra Butler, documented their lives with courage and frankness. This stunning film provides…

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