Mahnaz Afzali

Born in 1964 in Tehran, Mahnaz Afzali is a well-known cinema and TV actress who has played in ten feature films and three TV series. She directed her first film, NO WITNESS, a documentary, in 2000. THE LADIES’ ROOM, released in 2003, was her second film and she also directed the 2006 documentary RED CARD. (07/12)

Available Title(s):

The Ladies Room Zananeh

A film by Mahnaz Afzali, 2003, 55 min, Color

Directed by the acclaimed Iranian actress Mahnaz Afzali and filmed entirely inside a ladies washroom in a public park in Tehran, this absorbing documentary shatters Western preconceptions of Iranian women. Populated by addicts, prostitutes, runaway girls and others who simply enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere, the ladies room becomes one of the few places where…

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