Maria Luisa Gambale  

Maria Luisa Gambale has worked for the past thirteen years as a cinematographer. She was the Director of Photography and Assistant Producer for the feature-length documentary "Reconstruction," which was shot in Romania in 1998 and distributed to international film festivals in 2001, including the Berlin International Film Festival, the IDFA, and the MoMA Documentary Fortnight. Her main focus is documentary, but she has pursued extensive training in lighting for fiction and has completed photography on three short fiction films. Maria also teaches adults, teenagers and children at the International Film & Video Workshops in Rockport, Maine; the Reelworks Film Lab in New York City; and in elementary schools in Westchester County, New York. She previously volunteered at Witness, a non-profit organization that works with NGOs around the world, using video and internet technology to expose human rights abuse and empower victims. Maria has a BA from Harvard University. (3/11)

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A film by Maria Luisa Gambale, 2011, 60 min, Color

Rapper, singer and activist, Sister Fa is hero to young women in Senegal and an unstoppable force for social change. A childhood victim of female genital cutting (FGC), she decided to tackle the issue by starting a grassroots campaign, “Education Without Excision,” which uses her music and persuasive powers to end the practice. But until…

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