Marlene Woodward  

A hand weaver by avocation and project manager by profession, Marlene Woodward researched historical texts, produced and co-directed …And Woman Wove It in a Basket. Key to the film’s success is the evolving dialogue between Marlene, Bushra and Nettie which defines the film’s content and tone. Marlene farms organically in the ancestral valley of the Klickitat peoples just upstream from the Columbia River. (2/20)

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...And Woman Wove It in a Basket

A film by Marlene Woodward, 1989, 70 min, Color

For the Klickitat Indians in Washington, basket weaving is a way of reclaiming native forms and heritage. This evocative portrayal of basket weaver Nettie Jackson Kuneki and her family explores Klickitat river culture within an investigation of documentary practice and cultural preservation. Capturing native life as experienced by a contemporary Klickitat woman, the film presents…

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