Martina Attille  

Martina Attille is a member of the renowned Sankofa film group of black British filmmakers. She was born in St. Lucia in the Caribbean and has lived in London since 1961. She is a filmmaker “for whom representations of black women remain a central and complex narrative device.” Through films like DREAMING IN RIVERS (1988), she explores the colonial experiences of Caribbean immigrants in Britain. This film’s impressionistic rendering of a mother’s reflections from her deathbed allows Attille to examine generational effects of migration on Caribbean identity and culture. She also directed THE PASSION OF REMEMBRANCE in 1986. (1/20)

Available Title(s):

Dreaming Rivers

A film by Martina Attille, 1988, 30 min, Color

From Sankofa Film and Video comes this bittersweet and nostalgic short drama illustrating the spirit of modern families touched by the experience of migration. Miss T., from the Caribbean, lives alone in her one-room apartment, her children and husband having left her to pursue new dreams. When she dies her family and friends gather at…

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