Mary Filippo  

Filmmaker Mary Filippo first studied filmmaking with the Marjorie Keller at the University of Rhode Island. She also studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she took classes with George Landow, P. Adams Sitney and B. Ruby Rich. In the two decades following, Filippo made four, short, painstakingly crafted, experimental films. In her film, The Trickle Down Theory of Sorrow (2002), Filippo uses humor to engage and guide the viewer on a journey through a very serious subject: the intersection of the personal and political. Filippo’s other films include: Who Do You Think You Are (1987), Peace o' Mind (1983), Feel the Fear (1990). (01/19)

Available Title(s):

The Trickle Down Theory of Sorrow

A film by Mary Filippo, 2002, 15 min, Color

Veteran experimental filmmaker Mary Filippo tackles issues of work, class and gender roles in this visually captivating and provocative autobiographical piece. At the core of this engaging autobiographical film is an interview with Filippo’s mother, as she recounts incidents of exploitation and gender discrimination she experienced working in jewelry factories in the 1940’s and 50’s.…

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