Meera Dewan

After graduation and 6 years experience with advertising films in Bombay, Meera Dewan moved to documentary filmmaking in 1982.

Her first documentary, an anti-dowry for Films Division "GIFT OF LOVE" won 11 international awards at leading film festivals worldwide. She has produced over 30 documentaries for "Doordarshan" and various Ministries of Govt. of India - Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Women & Child Development, as well as state governments. As a film director of Southview Productions she collaborates with TV stations around the world, to produce films on human rights and themes of alternate visions, particularly around issues relating to Indian women and the women's movement. (09/09)

Available Title(s):

Eternal Seed Amrit Beeja

A film by Meera Dewan, 1996, 43 min, Color

With insightful interviews and rare footage from India's agricultural industry, this keenly observed film depicts Indian women's struggles to use traditional farming practices instead of chemically-based agriculture. Comparing the practices of women who consider seeds sacred with multinational companies' use of sterilized hybrids, this evocative analysis celebrates the scientific basis of women's native traditions in…

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