Olga Naccache

Olga Naccache was born in Mersin, Turkey to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother. Naccache was raised in Beirut, where the family relocated in 1956. After studying Arabic literature and journalism, she worked as an Assistant Director for various television stations during the Lebanese war. She started directing and producing her own films, including Lebanon: Bits and Pieces, Turkish Woman Unveiled, Tazi Istambooul, Mother Lebanon and Me, in 1994. Souriya, The Challenge is her latest film on the war on Syria. (2016)

Available Title(s):

Mother, Lebanon & Me

A film by Olga Naccache, 2009, 70 min, Color

A visually striking meditation on loss and a perceptive political critique, this deeply personal work has two subjects: filmmaker Olga Naccache’s ailing mother and the chaotic country where Naccache was raised. Both fell sick in 1975, the onset of incurable depression for one and a bloody civil war ushering in deep divisions for the other.…

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Women of Turkey: Between Islam and Secularism

A film by Olga Naccache, 2006, 52 min, Color

In this thought-provoking documentary, veiled and unveiled women explore relationships between Islam and secularism in present-day Turkey, where millions of women, many of them educated and urban, wear the headscarf or hijab. For her survey, filmmaker Naccache, who was born in Turkey and raised in Lebanon, draws on historical footage and individual visits with Turkish…

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Lebanon: Bits and Pieces

A film by Olga Naccache, 1994, 60 min, Color

LEBANON: BITS AND PIECES is an exquisitely beautiful and profoundly moving exploration of the myths and realities of present-day Lebanon, as reflected through the voices of women. During Olga Naccache's childhood, Lebanon was known to the outside world as an exemplary model of peace in the heart of an Arab Middle East dominated by dictators.…

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