Ramyata Limbu  

Ramyata co-produced and shot the documentary Dreams of Chomolungma for PBS’s Frontline World, and co-produced and shot the award winning feature documentary, Daughters Of Everest. For six years she was a producer for Young Asia Television, producing programs focusing on social issues in Nepal. Ramyata is the also the director of the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF). Her most recent documentary work is co-producing Sari Soldiers, another Sundance Institute grantee— a film about female soldiers on both sides of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal. She is currently working as a correspondent for Al Jazeera. She has been busy covering the stories of people and places hardest hit by the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Available Title(s):

Drawing the Tiger

A film by Ramyata Limbu, 2015, 96 min, Color

Shot over seven years, Drawing the Tiger takes a sweeping view of one Nepalese family’s daily struggle to survive off of subsistence farming. Eat, pay their debts, stay alive—that’s their day-to-day reality. But when their bright daughter receives a scholarship to study in Kathmandu, the family’s prospects suddenly improve by leaps and bounds overnight. They…

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