Sonali Fernando  

Sonali Fernando is a writer and filmmaker who has directed thirty films for Channel Four, the BBC and independent release. Working in documentary and drama, she has explored themes ranging from the contemporary art market to the new face of imperialism. Her credits include NINE DAYS THAT SHOOK LONDON, INDIA CALLING, MARY SEACOLE: THE REAL ANGEL OF THE CRIMEA, the multi-award-winning THE BODY OF A POET and the series GREAT EXCAVATIONS, which was filmed in fourteen countries and was shown around the world.

Sonali has written extensively on cultural issues for a variety of publications. She studied at St Paul's Girls' School, London, where she founded and edited the school newspaper, Phoenix, and read English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. (8/14)

Available Title(s):

The Body of a Poet A Tribute to Audre Lorde

A film by Sonali Fernando, 1995, 29 min, Color

An imaginary biopic, THE BODY OF A POET centers on the efforts of a group of young lesbians of color to devise a fitting tribute to one of this century's great visionaries. Its genre-bending celebration of the life and work of Audre Lorde, black lesbian poet and political activist, daringly meshes diverse media conventions and…

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