Trish Fitzsimmons  

Trish FitzSimons is a documentary film-maker, who also has research interests in documentary history, theory and policy and screen distribution. She convenes the Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production.

With a first degree in social history, much of her media work has explored historical themes, including Snakes and Ladders: A Film about Women, Education and History (ABC, 1987), Another Way? (SBS, 1997), Channels of History: A Social History Exhibition (2002) and the book Australian Documentary: History, Practices, Genres (2011) published through Cambridge University Press. Currently she is immersed in a creative research project entitled Time and Tide: The Life of Norman Creek, and developing an exhibition on this theme with the Museum of Brisbane.

Trish completed a Doctorate of Creative Arts on 'voice' in documentary film, explored both in creative practice and theoretically. Her research supervisions include creative research doctorates in the fields of documentary; transmedia; experimental drama; animation and screenplays. She has also supervised research degrees in the fields of media studies and screen histories.

She has also written creative non-fiction in the area of water politics. (8/14)

Available Title(s):

Snakes and Ladders

A film by Trish Fitzsimmons, 1987, 59 min,

Like our own children’s game, Chutes and Ladders, the story of women’s education has always been one step forward, two steps back. In this creative documentary, a fictional woman detective acts as our guide to the history of women’s education in Australia, one surprisingly like our own. Featuring interviews with ten women (including Anne Summers,…

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