Wanjiru Kinyanjui  

Born in 1958 in Nairobi, Kenya, Kinyanjui attended the German Film and Television School in Berlin to study German Literature. During her time in Berlin, Kiryanjui was exposed to African films. Her desire to retell African stories led her to study filmmaking in Berlin.

Kinyanjui's films are inspired by the world around her - from daily conversations, to folktales, to social issues such as equal rights and poverty. Kinyanjui's films are considered to be part of the Riverwood movement, Kenya's version of Nollywood Film. Through her films, Kinyanjui hopes to confront Kenyan audiences with an accessible depiction of everyday life.

In addition to filmmaking, Kinyanjui also teaches filmmaking at Kenyatta University. Kinyanjui’s presence in Kenya as an artist and a mentor is responsible for creating Kenya’s up and coming film culture. (3/11)

Available Title(s):

Africa is a Woman's Name

A film by Wanjiru Kinyanjui, 2009, 52 min, Color

AFRICA IS A WOMAN’S NAME provides an opportunity for three of Africa’s leading filmmakers to tell their own country’s stories through the lives of the powerful women working to create change. Veteran filmmakers Wanjiru Kinyanjui, from Zimbabwe, and Bridget Pickering, from South Africa, join Kenyan Ingrid Sinclair, director of the critically acclaimed feature film FLAME,…

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