Xoliswa Sithole

Producer and filmmaker Xoliswa Sithole is the first South African to be awarded a British Academy Television Award. She was awarded for her involvement as associate producer on the documentary ORPHANS OF NKANDLA, which chronicles the effects of the AIDS pandemic on African children. Sithole made her mark with SHOUTING SILENT, a personal story of how AIDS has affected her family. Her next project is another personal documentary in which she will travel back to Zimbabwe to rediscover the land where she was raised at the height of Apartheid. (10/09)

Available Title(s):

Shouting Silent

A film by Xoliswa Sithole, 2002, 50 min, Color

SHOUTING SILENT explores the South African HIV/AIDS epidemic through the eyes of Xoliswa Sithole, an adult orphan who lost her mother to HIV/AIDS in 1996. Xoliswa journeys back home in search of other young women who have also lost their mothers to HIV/AIDS and are now struggling to raise themselves (and, in many cases, their…

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