Yingli Ma

Yingli Ma, born in 1965, is from an ordinary Chinese family, whose everyday life provides insight into China’s changing society. She studied film at the German Film and Television School in Berlin, Germany (DFFB). Her short film Ein Schweigsamer Somer and her graduate film Days of Miandi have also been broadcast by 3sat. In 1998, she made the ZDF documentary Bye, Bye - Hello, and has since been the production manager for the documentary Trip to Asia: The Quest for Harmony and the writer for Summer Palace. (7/12)

Available Title(s):

Girls Around the World

Directed by Maria Barea, Kaija Jurikkala, Monique Mbeka Phoba, Pascale Schmidt, Sabiha Sumar and Yingli Ma, 1999, 222 min., 4 in series, Color
Produced by Brenda Parkerson, GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD is a collection of six extraordinary documentaries that examine the hopes, dreams and worldviews ...

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