WMM Films Heading to Sundance

We’re thrilled to have 13 films from WMM current and alum filmmakers premiering at the 2020 Sundance Film Fesitval, including 6 supported by the WMM Production Assistance Program: FAREWELL AMOR (dir. Ekwa Msangi, prod. Huriyyah Muhammad, Sam Bisbee, Josh Penn), CODED BIAS (dir. Shalini Kantayya), THE FIGHT (dir. Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, Eli Despres, prod. Maya Seidler, Peggy Drexler, Kerry Washington), ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENEZUELA (dir. Anabel Rodríguez Ríos, prod. Sepp R. Brudermann), I CARRY YOU WITH ME (dir. Heidi Ewing, prod. Mynette Louie) and ABORTION HELPLINE, THIS IS LISA (dir./prod. Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater, Mike Attie).  

New projects from alums Dee Rees (THE LAST THING HE WANTED), Liz Garbus (LOST GIRLS), Sam Feder (DISCLOSURE: TRANS LIVES ON SCREEN), Lana Wilson (TAYLOR SWIFT: MISS AMERICANA), Ramona S. Diaz (A THOUSAND CUTS), Kirsten Johnson, Katy Chevigny, Marilyn Ness (DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD) and Alexandra Byer (THE MOUNTAINS ARE A DREAM THAT CALL TO ME) will also be premiering at the festival in January.

Director of Filmmaker Services Barbara Ghammashi will be attending the fest.
Congrats to all the filmmakers!  See the lineup here.
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