Screening of Fronza Woods’ Classics at MoMA: A Reflection on Black Women’s Image in America

This Friday, January 12th at 4:00 p.m., the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) offers a unique opportunity to explore the cinematic world of Fronza Woods, an acclaimed filmmaker renowned for her insightful portrayal of Black women’s experiences in America. Join us at MoMA for a special screening of Women Make Movies’ releases, KILLING TIME and FANNIE’S FILM. Presented in collaboration with the African Film Festival New York, this event showcases Woods’ unique perspective on the experiences of Black women in America. “Killing Time” humorously yet poignantly delves into mental health and societal pressures, while “Fannie’s Film” offers an intimate look at the everyday life of a 65-year-old cleaner. Both films, preserved by the Academy Film Archive highlight Woods’ talent in portraying profound narratives. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with these impactful works in a 130-minute program. This is an unmissable event for cinephiles and anyone interested in the nuanced exploration of social issues through film. Get more information about this insightful cinematic experience.

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