WMM Production Assistance Program film TO KILL A TIGER is Nominated for Best Documentary!

We are thrilled to see that WMM Production Assistance Program film TO KILL A TIGERdirected by Nisha Pahuja and produced by Nisha Pahuja, Cornelia Principe, and David Oppenheim, is nominated for Best Documentary in this year’s Academy Awards®!

This powerful film, which is also nominated for the IDA Documentary Award for Best Writing, tells the story of a courageous father, a farmer in Jharkland, India, who takes the unprecedented journey of demanding justice for his young daughter after she survives a sexual assault.  

“I am beyond thrilled that To Kill a Tiger has been nominated for an Academy Award. This is an extraordinary honour for the creative team behind this 8-year journey and it’s a testament to the tireless group of women working outside the normal ecosystem to ensure this story is seen and does what it needs to in the world. We’re here, at this moment because a farmer in India, his wife, and their 13-year-old daughter had the courage to demand her human rights. We are grateful to the National Film Board of Canada, our Executive Producers, and everyone on the team for their support. It is our hope and intent that this film will encourage other survivors to seek justice and that men stand with us in our fight for gender equality,” says director Nisha Pahuja.

Congratulations to the entire team for this remarkable nomination.

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