Women Make Movies at DOC NYC 2020

Written by Isabelle Titcomb

WMM is thrilled to announce that thirteen WMM filmmakers will be included in the DOC NYC 2020 festival! Watch the much-anticipated WMM upcoming release, STATELESS (Dir. Michèle Stephenson), an exploration of anti-Black racism amid the complex history and present-day politics of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and five films from our Production Assistance Program:  

  • WOMEN IN BLUE (Dir. Deirdre Fishel), a film that follows the Minneapolis Police Department as they try to reconcile gender, race, and a history questionable ethics;  
  • THE LETTER (Dir. Maia Lekow, Christopher King), an intimate family portrait of intergenerational disconnect within a culturally-divided Kenyan family as the modern clashes with the traditional; 
  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENEZUELA (Dir. Anabel Rodríguez Ríos), a close look at a remote floating village in Venezuela suffering from pollution and criminal neglect foretells of greater existential threats to Venezuela itself;  
  • RED HEAVEN (Dir. Lauren DeFilippo, Katherine Gorringe), six people are pushed to their limits during a year-long Mars simulation to provide research for space exploration; and 
  • DOWN A DARK STAIRWELL (Dir. Ursula Liang) a film depicting the racial tensions and complexities of police reform after Chinese-American police officer Peter Liang shot and killed innocent, unarmed black man, Akai Gurley, in 2014.  

We’re also pleased see new projects from several filmmakers in WMM’s Distribution Program included: TRUTH TO POWER: BARBARA LEE SPEAKS TO ME from WAGING CHANGE filmmaker Abby Ginzberg; PARIS CALLIGRAMMES from Ulrike Ottinger (JOANNA d’ARC of MONGOLIATICKET OF NO RETURNMADAME X: AN ABSOLUTE RULER, and more); BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING LEFT BEHIND from FALSE CONFESSIONS filmmaker Katrine Philips; and LOVE & STUFF from A HEALTHY BABY GIRL filmmaker Judith Helfland

And last, but certainly not least, also screening at DOCNYC are films from several Production Assistance Program alumni: ENEMIES OF THE STATE (Dir. Sonia Kennebeck); LANDFALL (Dir. Cecilia Aldarondo); and CHASING CHILDHOOD (Dir. Eden Wurmfeld, Margaret Munzer Loeb).

Recognized as a “cinematic bonanza [that] covers everything new and noteworthy in the world of documentary filmmaking” by The Huffington Post, DOC NYC’s mission is to “guide audiences, industry, and press toward inspiring work.” This year’s annual festival will be taking place online November 11-19, 2020. Join us in celebrating the achievements of WMM filmmakers, past and present! https://www.docnyc.net/tickets-and-passes/  

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