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Night Passage
Directed and produced by Trinh T. Minh-ha and Jean-Paul Bourdier
2004, 98 minutes, Color, Beta/DVD
Order No. W05883
Made in homage to Kenji Miyazawa’s children’s sci-fi classic MILKY WAY RAILROAD, NIGHT PASSAGE is the latest experimental feature from celebrated filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha and artist Jean Paul Bourdier (REASSEMBLAGE, THE FOURTH DIMENSION, A TALE OF LOVE, SHOOT FOR THE CONTENTS, SURNAME VIET GIVEN NAME NAM). This provocative digital tale tells the story of three young friends traveling for a brief moment together on the train between life and death. Their journey into and out of the land of ‘awakened dreams’ occurs on a long ride on a night train. Ingeniously framed through the train window, filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha and artist Jean Paul Bourdier create whimsical and sensual dreamscapes, which is matched by an equally beautiful and other-worldly music score. Once again, Minh-ha shifts the way she engages with the form and the spirit of the cinema—to challenge and provoke her audience.


  • Senef Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • The Shanghai Art Biennale
  • The Busan Art Biennale
  • New York Asian American Int'l Film Festival
  • Visual Communication Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
  • Women in the Director's Chair, Chicago
  • VOID Art Gallery, Ireland

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    “Trinh Minh-ha consistently challenges her audiences with each new work, constantly shifting the ways in which she critically engages with the form and spirit of cinema.”
    Irina Leimbacher
    San Francisco Cinematheque

    “Spectacularly shot in video… The netherworld between life and death is viewed as a piece of light, shadow, movement and uncertain ideas in Night Passage… As with Trinh’s best work, when language gives way to images, [the film] takes on real force and a majestic sense of the subconscious.”

    “A tableaux-rich, transcultural essay film…this experimental narrative work continues [Trinh’s] knack for consistently unsettling audiences.”
    Asian American International Film Festival

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