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Shooting Women
A film by Alexis Krasilovsky
2008, 54 minutes, Color, DVD, English, Subtitled
Order No. W09963
Featuring more than 50 camerawomen from around the world, and shot over a period of six years, SHOOTING WOMEN, by pioneering filmmaker and cinema studies professor Alexis Krasilovsky, celebrates the amazing talent and unflinching spirit of image-making women from the sets of Hollywood and Bollywood to the war zones of Afghanistan.

This internationally-acclaimed documentary, based on Krasilovsky’s book Women Behind the Camera, broaches the persistent issues of the glass ceiling, sexual harassment, and childcare for professional camerawomen around the globe—working from environments where raising such issues is seen as “unprofessional.” Krasilovsky and Harriet Margolis have also co-authored the book, Shooting Women: Behind the Camera, Around the World with Julia Stein.

With wide-ranging access and rich diversity, SHOOTING WOMEN offers insight from top directors of photography like Ellen Kuras (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND) and Sandi Sissel (SALAAM BOMBAY), while giving voice to stories of groundbreaking women like African-American Jessie Maple Patton, who sued the American union and networks for the right to work. From historic footage of Mao’s travels from China’s first camerawoman, to the secretly filmed beatings of women in Afghanistan, viewers are offered a glimpse of how women behind the camera are changing the world.


San Francisco Women’s Film Festival, Best Women in Cinema Award & Tribute Award
Female Eye Film Festival, Best Documentary Film
Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts, Best Long Form Documentary
Moondance Int’l Film Festival, Spirit of Moondance Award Best Documentary Feature
WOW (Women of the World) Film Festival, Australia, Best International Documentary

  • WOW Film Festival, Sweden
  • DOCNZ Forum
  • Elles Tournent Filim Festival
  • Manaki Film Festival
  • International Women's Film Festival, Israel
  • Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival
  • Lady Bug Film Festival
  • Lady Filmmakers Festival
  • DOXA Documentary Film Festival
  • Tiburon Int’l Film Festival
  • Filmmor Women's Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

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    “Its scope is breathtaking and the women’s voices riveting…. Brings women cinematographers around the world clearly into view.”
    Kathleen McHugh
    Professor & Dir., UCLA Center for the Study of Women

    “An important film for EVERYONE who collaborates on motion pictures and all who watch them.”
    Thomas McKenney
    Int’l Cinematographers Guild

    “Beautifully empowering! Inspiring, especially for the generation of youth who may be interested in pursuing cinematography as their future profession. Everyone should do themselves a favor by watching this!”
    Sinsu Co
    Screen Actors Guild

    “Powerful footage…. [A]n educational, political, and social tool..”
    Video Librarian

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