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Derby Crazy Love
Canada, 2013, 64 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W141145
The latest documentary from Toronto filmmakers Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott takes viewers inside the adrenaline-fueled phenomenon of women’s roller derby. With over 1,400 leagues worldwide, it is now the fastest growing women’s sport.

DERBY CRAZY LOVE accompanies Montreal’s top team, New Skids on the Block, on its exhilarating journey to regional championships, where they face off in a pitched battle against U.K. powerhouse, London Rollergirls, and reigning world champions, New York’s Gotham Girls. New Skids players and their British and U.S. rivals share stories of being powerful women in traditional sports, along with insights about derby’s recent rebirth, after decades of decline, as a vibrant, original expression of third wave feminism and Amazon-like physicality rooted in punk’s colorful DIY counterculture. Deftly tackling issues of masculinity, femininity, aggression, body image, queer identity and gender norms, this fast-paced yet reflective film captures the spirit of community, inclusiveness, and sisterhood at roller derby’s core today.


  • Sheffield DocFest
  • RIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival
  • Frameline International LGBT Film Festival
  • Salem Film Fest
  • DOXA Documentary Film Festival
  • Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival
  • Qdocs Portland
  • Northside Film Festival
  • This Human World Human Rights Festival Vienna

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    "The film deftly tackles the stereotypes of masculinity, femininity and the inherent aggression both genders possesses."
    Third Row

    "DERBY CRAZY LOVE takes us to the heart of one of the last decade’s most thrilling sporting phenomena."
    POV Magazine

    "The “DIY punk rock” environment is what keeps roller derby true to its core of being community-oriented and inclusive…people who feel marginalized because of their gender identity or sexual orientation find a safe space to play sports."
    The Daily Xtra

    "As gritty as any doc set in the wide and wild world of sport, DERBY CRAZY LOVE is also as revealing as any in the genre."
    Montreal Gazette

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