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Criminal Justice
Violence Against Women

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Life After Manson
A film by Olivia Klaus
US, 2014, 25 minutes, Color/BW, DVD
Order No. W151160

Life After Manson is an intimate portrait of one of the world’s most infamous crimes and notorious killers. At 21 years old, Patricia Krenwinkel callously murdered three people at the command of Charles Manson. Now 66 years old, she continues to be demonized by the public and haunted by the suffering she caused over four decades ago. Through an exclusive interview with and never before seen footage of Krenwinkel, filmmaker Olivia Klaus (SIN BY SILENCE), frames a historically irreconcilable story through a complex emotional lens, offering insight into what led a suburban girl to commit crimes the world will never forget. A provocative and powerful character study, LIFE AFTER MANSON reveals a broken woman struggling with her past, her arduous effort to evaluate the cost of her choices, and the possibility of self-forgiveness.


DocUtah, Best Short Film

  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • Seattle International Film Festival
  • Starz Denver Film Festival
  • New Orleans Film Festival
  • St. Louis Film Festival
  • San Francisco Intl Festival of Short Films
  • Montreal World Film Festival
  • DocAviv
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • Citizen Jane Film Festival
  • Arizona Underground Film Festival

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    "A great teaching tool to begin to understand how, and under what circumstances, a woman could commit such and appaling crime. This film is a must for courses in Criminology, criminal justice, women and crime, psychology and sociology."
    Dr. Barbara Bloom, Criminology Professor
    Sonoma State University

    "Using a masterful combination of modern shots, dramatization, archival footage, photographs and firsthand interviews, Klaus gave a fresh perspective on Krenwinkel that allowed the audience to feel for the person and not focus on the act."
    Vox Magazine

    "This film reveals the unexpected – how the most unlikely inmate could be the symbol of rehabilitation, resilience and survival. Patricia breaks the mold about the mystique of women in prison, to provide an incredible resource that showcases a journey of reflection from behind bars to create a life of meaning, against all odds."
    Dr. Stephanie Covington
    Co-Director, Center for Gender & Justice

    "The conclusion to the social and cultural upheavals of the 1960’s.."
    The Independent

    "...an emotional account..."
    The New York Times

    "...reflective and intimate, well-shot and directed"
    Independent Film Quarterly

    "...a masterfully and beautifully shot film..."
    The Blot.com

    *** "...Krenwinkel explains how she fell under the sway of Charles Manson. A sobering portrait, this is recommended."
    Video Librarian

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