African American Women’s Lives Then and Now

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to bring your attention to our new releases that explore many of the pressing issues faced by African American women in America today. Examining questions of race and identity, the impact of gentrification, racial profiling and police brutality, the intersection of race and illness and more, these films are essential tools for sparking conversations about race in the United States.

Screen these films in your classroom or on your campus. All films in the collection are 25% through 3/15. Use code BHM20 at checkout.


WMM Classics to Screen in Black Heroines Series at MoMA

Eleven WMM classics including ILLUSIONS, KILLING TIME/FANNIE’S FILM, HAIR PIECE, THE BODY BEAUTIFUL, and CYCLES, will screen as part of the series It’s All in Me: Black Heroines which runs from February 20–March 5. Read more.   




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