Punks, Poets & Valley Girls: WMM Films Featured in BAM Summer Series

We’re very excited to have seven classic WMM films featured in Brooklyn Academy of Music’s summer film series, Punks, Poets & Valley Girls: Women Filmmakers in 1980s America (running August 7-20)

Featured films include:

STORME: THE LADY OF THE JEWEL BOX (1987, Michelle Parkerson) – August 13 @ 7pm*

THE MAIDS (1985, Muriel Jackson) – August 13 @ 7pm*

A PERFECT IMAGE? (1988, Maureen Blackwood) – August 13 @ 7pm*

HAIR PIECE: A FILM FOR NAPPY-HEADED PEOPLE (1985, Ayoka Chenzira) – August 13 @ 7pm*

NAVAJO TALKING PICTURE (1985, Arlene Bowman) – August 13 @ 9:30pm

A DIFFERENT IMAGE (1982, Alile Sharon Larkin) – August 19 @ 7pm†

ILLUSIONS (1982, Julie Dash) – August 19 @ 7pm†


*screening as part of the Black Women’s Short Films section

†screening as part of the LA Rebellion section

For the full series schedule and ticket info click here


Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
30 Lafayette Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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