Ever Shot Anyone?

A film by Michal Aviad

Israel | 1996 | 57 minutes | Color | DVD | Subtitled | Order No. 99481


Israeli filmmaker Michal Aviad provides a woman's take on how national culture is informed by male identity through the military experience that bonds her country's Jewish men. EVER SHOT ANYONE? documents Aviad's attempt to infiltrate the world of army reservists during their annual tour of duty on the Golan Heights. Gradually, but not without suspicion and hostility toward the intruder in their midst, the middle-aged civilian-soldiers reveal notions about male identity, friendship, family and gender relations. This dominant male culture through the eyes of the ultimate outsider--a woman.


"...a woman director, a feminist, went to join Israeli soldiers...with serious, heavy questions. She came back with a funny, thought-provoking film."

Yediot Aharonot

"...reveals a language usually hidden from women,...yet so enchanting to the men trapped by it."



  • Hong Kong International Film Festival
  • International Public Television Conference (INPUT '96)
  • Israeli Film Festival, New York


Michal Aviad

Michal Aviad was born in Jerusalem to an Italian-born mother and a Hungarian-born father. After finishing high school, she studied literature philosophy and cinema. During the 1980s she lived in San Francisco where she started making films and became a mother. Since returning to Israel in 1991, she has continued to write, direct and produce award-winning documentary films.

Her films include: ACTING OUR AGE (1987, USA), THE WOMEN NEXT DOOR (1992, Israel), EVER SHOT ANYONE? (1995, Israel), JENNY & JENNY (1997, Israel), RAMLEH (2001, Israel), FOR MY CHILDREN (2002, Israel) Aviad’s films examine the complex relationships between women’s issues and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, militarism, and ethnicity. Aviad has been working on co-writing and directing INVISIBLE since 2006. It is her first feature length fiction film.

She is a faculty member at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television. Aviad shares her life with her two children and her boyfriend, in unbearably sunny Tel Aviv. (8/14)


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