Inside Her Sex

A film by Sheona McDonald

Canada | 2014 | 69 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 151162


While we live in a highly sexualized society, the messaging around female sexuality is distorted and rife with shame. What women should look like, who women should want, what women should fact, who women should be, is dictated to us from screens and pages and people. INSIDE HER SEX is a thought-provoking, feature-length documentary that explores female sexuality and shame through the eyes and experiences of three women from different walks of life, each brave enough to chart her own course of sexual discovery: Elle Chase, a popular sex blogger, Candida Royalle, the creator of Femme Productions Inc., a feminist, adult film company designed to speak with a woman’s voice and Samantha Allen, the ex-devout Mormon and current gender, sex, and tech writer for The Daily Beast. Through varied, candid and intensely personal interviews, INSIDE HER SEX will delve to the core of these three women and their sexuality, beginning a much needed conversation around female sexuality and shame. Essential viewing for Gender and Sexuality Studies.


"…provokes a fascinating discussion about the role of sexuality in women’s lives…"

"Female sexuality and shame is an endlessly fascinating subject…filmmaker Sheona McDonald takes a raw and comprehensive look at the issue."


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Sheona McDonald

Sheona has produced, directed and written a number of documentaries including Inside Her Sex, When Dreams Take Flight and Capturing a Short Life. Sheona also directed season two of Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH for Knowledge Network, and has directed several episodes of Love It or List It Vancouver.

She recently finished writing a feature film script, Back By Midnight. Currently she is finishing up a documentary, five-years in the making, about iconic feminist pornographer Candida Royalle, titled Candice, and also has a short experimental documentary, Out of Darkness, in development with the NFB. Sheona was a recipient of a 2018 Telus Storyhive grant for the documentary project A short Essay on Men.

Sheona lives in Vancouver with her husband and three kids. (08/19)


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