Some American Feminists

A film by Luce Guilbeault, Nicole Brossard and Margaret Wescott

Canada | 1980 | 56 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 99370


SOME AMERICAN FEMINISTS explores one of the most significant social histories of this century-the second wave of the women's movement-and is a fascinating flashback on the women's liberation agenda in the light of 1990s backlash. Inspirational interviews with Ti-Grace Atkinson, Rita Mae Brown, Betty Friedan, Margo Jefferson, Lila Karp and Kate Millett are intercut with newsreel footage of the tumultuous sixties and early seventies. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Some American Feminists is critical viewing for all those interested in women's studies, history and social studies.


"Few films cover so much ground in explaining this significant contemporary social phenomenon... useful for an in-depth study of women's liberation."

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Nicole Brossard

Nicole Brossard, O.C. is a leading French-Canadian formalist poet and novelist. Her work is known for exploration of feminist themes and for challenging masculine-oriented language and points of view in French literature. She lives in Outremont, a suburb of Montreal, Canada and attended Collège Marguerite Bourgeoys and the Université de Montréal. Brossard’s collection L'Echo bouge beau marked a break in the evolution of her poetry that included an open and active participation in many literary and cultural events, including poetry recitals. In 1975, she participated in a meeting of writers on women, after which she began to take an activist role in the Feminist movement, and to write poetry with a more personal and subjective tone. Her writing includes sensual, aesthetic and feminist political content. Brossard co-founded a feminist newspaper, Les têtes de pioches, with France Théoret. Shortly after, she also wrote a play "Le nef des sorcières" (first performed in 1976). In 1982, she founded a publishing house: L'Intégrale éditrice and two year later, her poetry collection, "Double Impression," won the 1984 Governor General's Award. In April 2019, Brossard was announced as the 2019 Griffin Lifetime Recognition Award recipient. (01/20)

Luce Guilbeault

French-Canadian actress, writer, and director Luce Guilbeault was born in 1935 in Outremont, Québec and began her career as an actress at a very young age. She excelled in the theater and gained popularity after making her television debut in the youth program Opération-mystère (1957–59). Guilbeault also appeared in the hit series Des dames de coeur (1986-89) and Un signe de feu (1989-91). She was offered her first major film role by Denys Arcand in 1971, playing a bewildered wife in LA MAUDITE GALETTE, and for a time, starred in more than one film each year, including O.K... LALIBERTÉ (1973), TENDRESSE ORDINAIRE (1973), and LE TEMPS DE L’AVANT (1975). Guilbeault opted out of commercial cinema and began a brief career as a documentary producer, pursuing projects almost exclusively concerning feminist issues. (07/09)


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