A film by Carol Clement and Ariel Dougherty

1980 | 32 minutes | BW | 16mm | Order No. 99403


A refreshing weave of documentary, animation and nature montage examining the woman artist's relationship to work and community. An Artemisia and Women Make Movies co-production.


Ariel Dougherty

Ariel Dougherty has extensive experience working with feminist cultural organizations and is co-founder of Women Make Movies. An award-winning independent filmmaker, she has worked on scores of productions and special media projects, including HEALTHCARING FROM OUR END OF THE SPECULUM, THEY ARE OUR OWN GIFTS, and SAFE PLANET: THE GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL FILMS AND VIDEO. Dougherty is associate producer of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s documentary (H)ERRATA: WOMEN, ART AND REVOLUTION, a social documentary on the feminist art movement, 1968-2007. (07/09)

Carol Clement

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