Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri  

Persheng Vaziri is an educator, writer, and filmmaker. In her production work she made documentaries on Iran and Iraq, produced by KCET/Link TV, the National Geographic’s All Roads Project, and Deep Dish TV. She worked as producer on Link TV’s Bridge to Iran series that showcased documentaries from Iran and Deep Dish’s award-winning Shocking and Awful television series that covered the US invasion of Iraq.

She holds an M.A. in cinema studies from New York University and a Ph.D. in media and communication from Temple University. She has taught at Penn State University and New York University. Her areas of research are documentary films, particularly Iranian documentaries, and World Cinema. Her independent documentaries are about the immigrant experience, the upheavals of revolution, the Iran-Iraq war, the Kurdistan region, and years of difficult history with the US. They are distributed by Women Make Movies, Arab Films, and (2/22)

Available Title(s):

Women Like Us: Women in Iran

A film by Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri, 2002, 60 min, Color

Filmmaker Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri returns to Iran after 20 years as an expatriate to present this intimate and revealing portrait of five ordinary Iranian women: a nurse, a journalist, a rice farmer, a religious college graduate and a piano teacher. Against a backdrop of Islam, revolution and war, they share their views on the veil, the…

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A Place Called Home

A film by Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri, 1998, 30 min, Color

Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri grew up in pre-Revolution Tehran daydreaming about an ideal life in the West. Nineteen years later, after living and working in the U.S., Persheng explores her controversial decision to move back to Iran, to return to the place she never stopped calling home. In this fascinating and very personal documentary, Persheng's interviews with…

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