Susana Blaustein  

Susana Blaustein has been working in film since 1980. She is best known for her Academy Award nominated film LAS MADRES: THE MOTHERS OF PLAZA DE MAYO, co-directed and produced with Lourdes Portillo, about the courageous struggle of Argentine women seeking to find their "disappeared" sons and daughters. She also directed the award winning film LA OFRENDA: THE DAYS OF THE DEAD about the Mexican holiday celebrating and honoring the dead, SUSANA, about growing up in a conservative and repressive environment and MY HOME, MY PRISON, based on the autobiography of Palestinian journalist Raymonda Tawil. (01/20)

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Las Madres: The Mothers of Plaza De Mayo

A film by Susana Blaustein, 1985, 64 min, Color

This Academy award-nominated documentary about the Argentinian mothers’ movement to demand to know the fate of 30,000 “disappeared” sons and daughters remains as extraordinarily powerful as when it was first released. As well as giving an understanding of Argentinian history in the ‘70s and ‘80s, LAS MADRES shows the empowerment of women in a society…

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A film by Susana Blaustein, 1980, 25 min, BW

In this autobiographical portrait, Susana leaves her native Argentina to live her life outside the strictures of Latin American cultural and family pressures. Susana interweaves cinema vérité interviews of her family and lovers with snapshots, home movies and even a Disney cartoon to render the cultural context in which female, sexual and ethnic identity is…

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