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Made In Thailand
1999, 30 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W00654
In Thailand, women make up 90 percent of the labor force responsible for garments and toys for export by multinational corporations. This powerful, revealing documentary about women factory workers and their struggle to organize unions exposes the human cost behind the production of everyday items that reach our shores. Probing the profound impact of the New World Order on the populations that provide the global economy with cheap labor, MADE IN THAILAND also profiles women newly empowered by their campaign for human and worker's rights. Several of these women are survivors of the 1993 Kader Toy Factory fire, one of the worst industrial fires in history. Today they are highly effective leaders in the grass-roots movement mobilizing workers in their recently industrialized country.


  • San Francisco Asian American Film Festival
  • San Francisco Laborfest
  • St. Johns' International Women's Film and Video Festival
  • LaborMedia 99, Korea

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    "...An eye-opener…showing us striking images of Thai women factory workers that totally contradict prevailing stereotypes and present instead a picture of strong, courageous defenders of human rights."
    Michael Feinberg
    Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition

    “For the past year, we have been on the lookout for materials that we can use to educate young people about economic issues--in particular, the consequences of 'globalization'. ' Made in Thailand', we believe, will be a useful tool in educating young people about such critical economic issues as child labor, sweatshops, and corporate responsibility."
    Laura McClure
    Educators for Social Responsibility

    "An excellent portrayal of the lives of working women in Thailand...[it] will galvanize girls...to do something about the issue of sweatshop labor."
    Cydney Pullman
    Institute for Labor & the Community

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