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The Blonds
(Los Rubios)
A film by Albertina Carri, Produced by Barry Ellsworth
Argentina, 2003, 89 minutes, Color/BW, 35mm/DVD, Spanish, Subtitled
Order No. W04843
Albertina Carri’s second feature is a look at Argentina’s recent history from the perspective of a generation forced to mourn those of whom they have no recollection. Carri, who lost her parents to Argentina’s brutal military junta when she was three years old, travels through Buenos Aires with her crew to unravel the factual and emotional mysteries of her parents’ life, disappearance and death. Traces of Carri’s family emerge, colored by sharply conflicting perspectives. Who were the Carris? How did they disappear? Were they blonde, brunette, parents, heroes or merely a fiction of those who remember them?

Crossing the line between documentary and fiction filmmaking, Carri enlists an actor, her parents’ former comrades, fading photographs and happy Playmobil dolls to investigate her parents’ untimely end. In the end, merging fact, rumor and imagination, Carri succeeds in reconstructing both her parents' history and her own construction of them. Emotionally fraught and intellectually provocative, THE BLONDS has resonance far beyond the tragic history of Argentina’s dirty war.


  • Buenos Aires Int’l FF - Audience Award, Best Argentine Film, Special Jury Mention
  • CLARIN - Best Documentary, Best Actress, Best Music
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • Festival Int’l del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Havana Festival Int’l del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Havana
  • Latin Beat, Film Society of Lincoln Center
  • London Film Festival
  • Princeton Film Festival
  • Gijon International Film Festival
  • SIGNIS Critics Award

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    “Recommended…An inventive film…[and] an interesting meditation on the ‘fiction of memory’.”
    A. Cantu
    Video Librarian

    “The Blonds is by far the most innovative and successful in bringing the horrors of the period to the present, by analyzing the way memory and identity are constructed.”
    Deborah Young

    “One of the most original and creative examples of New Argentine Cinema, The Blonds is also great political cinema, in the most complex and embracing meaning of that term.”
    Diego Lerer

    “The Blonds takes a radical gamble; it speaks in first person about the personal and collective trauma of recent Argentine history. A true cinematographic manifesto.”
    Marcelo Panozzo
    El Amante Cine

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