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My Home - Your War
A film by Kylie Grey. Produced by Denoux Films Productions
Australia/Iraq, 2006, 52 minutes, Color, DVD, Arabic, Subtitled
Order No. W09935
MY HOME – YOUR WAR offers an extraordinary look at the effect of the Iraq war through the eyes of an ordinary Iraqi woman. Shot in Baghdad over three years that span the time before, during and after the invasion of Iraq, this profoundly moving film brings a perspective that – until now – has rarely been available to U.S. audiences.

This film combines insightful interviews with Layla Hassan and her family, vibrant scenes of Baghdad and intimate footage shot by Layla herself to paint a compelling picture of how the war has affected average Iraqis. As Islamic fundamentalism takes hold in the chaos of Baghdad, her shy teenage son turns to militancy, her once-progressive sister dons the veil, and whatever freedom Layla once had under Saddam Hussein’s secular rule is steadily being eroded. While facts about the Iraq war garner much U.S. media attention, My Home – Your War is a deeply compelling account of something seldom discussed: how the Iraq war has created a situation where the rise of fundamentalism is putting women’s rights increasingly at risk.


Gold World Medal, Best Doc in NY
European Independent FF, Best Int’l Doc
AU TV ATOM, Best Doc: Social & Political Issues
Australian TV ATOM, Best Doc: Human Story

  • Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
  • Mumbai International Film Festival
  • WT Os International Film Festival, Oslo, Norway
  • Global Peace Film Festival, Florida
  • Human Rights Film Festival, Kwangju, South Korea
  • Women’s International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • DeReel Independent Film Festival

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    “Not only an important contemporary historical document…[but] also a personal account of how Iraqi women have become the first casualties of a democracy denied.”
    The Frontline Club, UK

    “A vivid portrayal of Iraq, not from the familiar perspective of Western media, but from the perspective of a Sunni Muslim woman who is living through the war in the fringes of Baghdad.”
    Terri Ginsberg
    Seoul International Women’s Film Festival

    "Thwarts prevailing neoconservative assertions that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq are justified means of ‘liberating’ Muslim women.”
    Author, “Holocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology”

    "Highly Recommended. 4 Stars, Editor's Choice. Extraordinary. Stands out within the fast expanding world of Iraq-based documentaries."
    Video Librarian

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