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Sir: Just a Normal Guy
A film by Melanie La Rosa
2001, 57 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W05865
Screened to acclaim at Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals worldwide and LBGT events across the nation, this candid and courageous portrait of more than 15-months in the female-to-male (FTM) transition of Jay Snider explores both the emotional and physical changes of this profound experience--beginning prior to hormones and concluding after top surgery. Footage shot before and after the surgery captures dramatic physical transitions, while intimate interviews with Jay, his ex-husband, his best friend and his lesbian-identified partner aptly capture the emotional and psychological shifts that occur during the process. With support from those closest to him, Jay’s experience is remarkably positive, though not without conflict. During the course of the film, he renews long-distant ties with his brother, but also faces permanent estrangement from his parents.

SIR is an in-depth and humanizing exploration of the challenges, discrimination, and alienation faced by transsexuals. Jay’s conflicted feelings around queer identification are portrayed along with his significant other’s continued identification as lesbian. A much-needed look at FTM transition, the film demonstrates both the fluidity of sexual identification and that love and human resilience can triumph over deep-rooted differences.


  • OUTrageous: Santa Barbara LGBT Film Festival
  • New Festival, The New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Berkeley Film and Video Festival, Honorable Mention
  • Washington, DC Reel Affirmations Film Festival
  • Chicago Reeling Film Fest
  • IndieFest: The San Francisco Independent Film Festival
  • TrannyFest San Francisco
  • First International Queer Arts Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Western Psychological Association Convention Film Festival
  • Auckland, Melbourne, Milwaukee, Olympia, Seattle, Semarang, Sydney, Tampa, Vancouver and Winnipeg Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals

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    “Sir: Just A Normal Guy humanizes many of the issues faced by transgender people in a profound and compelling way. The film helps foster understanding of the reality of transsexual experience, and is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to promote this understanding.”
    Matt Coles
    Director, Lesbian & Gay Rights Project, ACLU

    "One of the most provocative films this year is this diaristic look at FTM transition.”
    Gary Morris
    Bay Area Reporter

    “A wonderful tool for any courses focusing on the role and definition of gender and sexuality as influenced by societal norms. It fills a particular void in the lack of educational resources regarding the female to male transition.”
    Dr. Carol Cobb-Nettleton
    Adjunct Associate Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Widener University, PALU

    “A powerful teaching device for any course interested in clarifying misconceptions about transgenderism and giving students the conceptual tools to understand the debate around gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender identities. Definitely a much needed contribution to gender studies classrooms!”
    Patricia Melzer
    Women’s Studies, Temple University

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