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Light Fly, Fly High
A film by Susann Østigaard and Beathe Hofseth
Norway, 2013, 80 minutes, Color, DVD, Tamil, Subtitled
Order No. W141129
Thulasi, a young Indian woman in her twenties, is literally willing to box her way out of poverty and into a better life. A Dalit or “untouchable” born outside of caste, she rejected her place on society’s lowest rung at an early age and was forced to leave her parents’ home when only 14. Ten years later, despite her impressive record in the ring, ranking 3rd in India’s Light Fly category, Thulasi remains stuck at the bottom, deprived of opportunities she rightly deserves.

Despite an uphill battle against sexual harassment, poverty and the pressure to marry, Thulasi refuses to compromise herself and her goals and takes her destiny into her own hands. Filmed during three eventful years, LIGHT FLY, FLY HIGH is a beautifully shot, gripping and inspirational story of a courageous young woman who refuses to be anyone’s victim and ends up a hero of her own making against all odds.


Oxfam Global Justice Award
Best Documentary, One World Media Awards
Amanda Award, Best Documentary

  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
  • Sarasota Film Festival
  • Zagreb Dox Documentary Film Festival
  • Göteborg Film Festival
  • Tempo Film Festival Sweden
  • Tromso International Film Festival
  • Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
  • Tall Grass Film Festival
  • Heartland Film Festival

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    "Directors Beathe Hofseth and Susann Østigaard portray Thulasi’s struggles inside and outside the ring with a serene visual precision charged with sparks of humor and moments of despair that are beautifully reflective of Thulasi’s personality and plight."
    Full Frame Film Festival

    "Revelatory, unpredictable, and highly engaging. With excellent narrative control throughout, a well-chosen and deserving character was intimately and beautifully observed. This was a difficult subject and the documentary a microcosm for women’s issues that badly need highlighting."
    Documentary Award Jury, One World Media
    One World Media

    “This documentary’s rhythm reflects the rapid beat of the young boxer’s fists in her fight for freedom.”
    FIFDH Geneva

    “The filmmakers have picked a unique angle to discuss entrenched patriarchy and how misogyny can be battled, though perhaps at personal cost.”
    Dilip Berman
    Saathee Magazine

    “Revealing the challenges faced by many women struggling for equality, Light Fly, Fly High is a tribute to an unbreakable, independent spirit.”
    Darwin Film Festival

    “Thematically and emotionally compelling [and] well-directed.”

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