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A film by Laura Bari
Canada/Argentina, 2018, 95 minutes, Color, DVD, Spanish, Subtitled
Order No. W181228

PRIMAS is an evocative and poetic portrait of two Argentine teenage cousins who come of age together as they overcome the heinous acts of violence that interrupted their childhoods.

When Rocío was 10 years old, she was dragged from her bike by a stranger, raped, set on fire and left for dead. Now a teenager, she still grapples with memories of the nightmarish assault that left her body scarred. Together with her cousin Aldana, who was sexually abused for years by her own father, she lives, laughs and shares her story. Traveling through Argentina and Montreal, the two cousins embark upon a program of theater, dance, and circus that helps them process complex emotions. Little by little, they manage to rebuild the lives that were so brutally stolen from them and free themselves from the shadows of their past.

A humanistic exploration of familial love, creativity, and courage in the wake of sexual violence, PRIMAS is a moving tribute to the deep strength of resilient women.


True Life Fund Recipient, True/False Film Festival
People's Choice Award, Mar del Plata
Love & Change Jury Award, Istanbul Film Festival
DOK.fest Munchen SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit Award Nominee

  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
  • Thessaloniki Film Festival
  • One World Film Festival Prague
  • HotDocs Film Festival
  • DOXA Documentary Film Festival
  • Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM)
  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
  • Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
  • Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM)
  • One World Film Festival
  • DOXA Vancouver International Documentary Festival
  • Guadalajara Film Festival
  • Lima International Film Festival

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    "Its final movement takes a wobbly turn to a therapeutic theatre performance, but for the most part Primas is a powerfully simple and quietly devastating testament to its subjects’ strength. It’ll stay with you."
    Now Toronto

    "A humanistic, soulful gem."

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