Press Kits

A press kit is essential for introducing your film to reviewers, festival programmers and distributors. Your kit should be user friendly, informative and visually appealing. Creating an electronic version of your press kit in PDF format for download or sending by email is also a good idea. The following outlines items that you should include in your press kit. 

  1. One-line Description
    Make sure this description can be used alone to accurately describe your film in publications and reviews, and make sure someone briefly looking through your materials can easily locate this information.
  2. Statistical Information
    You can simply list this information.  This should include date of completion, running time, language of subtitles (if applicable), original and exhibition formats.
  3. Synopsis of the film
    This information should not exceed one page.
  4. Director Biography
    This information should not exceed one page and should include both a narrative biography and a resume.
  5. Complete list of cast and crew including any copyright credits
    List this information on one page.
  6. Bios of main cast and crew
    This information should be limited to key cast and crew and only one paragraph on each.
  7. Production Notes
    Include anything that might be of interest or make an interesting note in a review or article on the film.
  8. Photos
    The quality should be good enough for newspaper use and include both black & white and color images. Color images are great to use on the internet, while most print publications will use your black & white image.  You should have an action shot with the director and production stills.
  9. Director funding history or awards the film has received
    Again, a brief list is sufficient.
  10. Copies of good reviews, if available.
  11. Contact Information

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