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My Feminism
Canada, 1997, 55 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W99593
In an era of anti-feminist backlash, this articulate documentary by the makers of THANK GOD I'M A LESBIAN forcefully reminds us that the revolution continues. Powerful interviews with feminist leaders including bell hooks, Gloria Steinem, and Urvsahi Vaid are intercut with documentary sequences to engagingly explore the past and present status of the women's movement. Discussing the unique contributions of second wave feminism, they explore their racial, economic and ideological differences and shared vision of achieving equality for women. An essential component of women's studies curricula, MY FEMINISM introduces feminism's key themes while exposing the cultural fears underlying lesbian baiting, backlash, and political extremism.

"This superbly shot and emotionally compelling primer debunks mass media's demonization of feminism. In incisive interviews with leading activists and intellectuals, this powerful film insists that feminism is one of the most successful and significant revolutions of the late 20th century. With amazing clarity, it links equality, gender, race, reproductive rights, sexualities, women's health, abortion, parenting, breast cancer, poverty, and power as interlocking planks of the feminist global agenda. Empowering, edifying, mobilizing, watching MY FEMINISM lets us know that we are not alone." — Patricia Zimmermann, Ithaca College


Images Festival, Toronto, Best Female Canadian Directors
Washington DC Int'l Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Best Feature Documentary

  • Montréal World Film Festival
  • Verzaubert Int'l Queer Film Festival

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    "My Feminism is essential viewing. A wonderful introductory film for Women's Studies and other classes, it beautifully presents the key concepts and diversity of feminism."
    Joseph Boles
    Women's Studies, Northern Arizona University

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