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Clip: Challenging normative conceptions of Japanese femininity

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Gaea Girls
England/Japan, 2000, 106 minutes, Color, 35mm/DVD, Subtitled
Order No. W01727
"This fascinating film follows the physically grueling and mentally exhausting training regimen of several young wanna-be GAEA GIRLS, a group of Japanese women wrestlers. The idea of them may seem like a total oxymoron in a country where women are usually regarded as docile and subservient. However, in training and in the arena, the female wrestlers depicted in this film are just as violent as any member of the World Wrestling Federation, and the blood that’s drawn is very real indeed. One recruit, Takeuchi, endures ritual humiliation not seen on screen since the boot camp sequences of FULL METAL JACKET. In DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE, Kim Longinotto cinematically explored the previously unexplored world of the Tehran divorce courts. Working with co-director Jano Williams, Longinotto has been given access to shoot an insider’s verité account of this closely guarded universe." - Chicago Film Festival


Edinburgh International Film Festival, Best of Festival Section
Chicago International Film Festival, Silver Hugo

  • Rencontres Internationales de Cinema a Paris
  • Berlin International Film Festival
  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • San Francisco International Film Festival
  • Sydney International Film Festival
  • Aukland International Film Festival
  • Sheffield Documentary Film Festival
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • True/False Film Festival

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    “Longinotto and Williams's ability to penetrate facades is remarkable. The filmmakers build their story in a way that's more compelling and suspenseful than many narrative films.”
    Chicago Film Festival

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