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Girl From Godís Country: The History of Women in Film and Other War Stories
A film by Karen Day
US, 2016, 66 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W161174
GIRL FROM GOD'S COUNTRY is the untold story of the first female independent filmmaker and action-adventure heroine, Nell Shipman (1892-1970), who left Hollywood to make her films in Idaho. An unadulterated, undiscovered adventure tale of a pioneering woman who rewrote the rules of filmmaking, and, in so doing, paved the way for independent voicesĖespecially prominent female voices in todayís film industry. Her storylines of self-reliant women overcoming physical challenges in the wilderness and often, rescuing the male lead, shattered the predictable cinematic formulas of large studio productions. Featuring rare archival footage by early pioneers, including minority filmmakers, Zora Neale Hurston and Miriam Wong, the first Chinese-American filmmaker in 1914 and present day interviews with Geena Davis and the Director of Women in Film, GIRL FROM GODíS COUNTRY discuss how gender-inequities that Shipman and her counterparts faced perpetuate in today's film industry. Emblematic of an entire lost generation of female producers and directors in silent film, Nell Shipmanís legacy has remained a buried treasure in film history for nearly 100 years. Required viewing for Womenís and Cinema Studies.


Cannes World Cinema Initiative, Best Documentary

  • Bentonville Film Festival
  • Sun Valley Film Festival
  • NYC International Film Festival
  • Female Eye Film Festival

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    ďGIRL FROM GODíS COUNTRY dovetails into a bigger examination of women in film, past, present and future; and audiences will leave with a call to action to support more women filmmakers.Ē
    Boise Weekly

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    Girl From Godís Country: The History of Women in Film and Other War Stories is included in the following Special Collections.
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