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Maria in Nobody's Land
María en Tierra de Nadie
El Salvador/Mexico, 2010, 86 minutes, Color, DVD, Spanish, Subtitled
Order No. W131090
MARIA IN NOBODY'S LAND is an unprecedented and intimate look at the illegal and extremely dangerous journey of three Salvadoran women to the US. Doña Inés, a 60 year old woman, has been looking for her daughter for five years and is following the same route her daughter took. Marta and Sandra, tired of the violence from their husbands and wanting to overcome poverty, decide to leave their families behind to travel to America - with only thirty dollars in their pockets. During their harrowing journey, the three women encounter prostitution, slave trade, rape, kidnapping and even death, in an unwavering quest for a better life.

In making this documentary, a team of six journalists and filmographers rode with migrants on the tops of trains and slept in migrant shelters. As the immigration debate continues to be a hot button issue, this film, which helps to bring understanding to these urgent issues, is essential for courses on human rights, Latin American studies, Chicano studies, immigration, labor, international studies and women's studies, as well as for public libraries and interested community groups.


Festival Internacional de Cine en Derechos Humanos, Argentina, Jury Prize and Audience Award for Best Documentary
ICARO, Best Central American Feature Documentary

  • Ambulante Film Festival
  • Latin American London Film Festival
  • International Film Festival of Goa
  • Seattle Latino Film Festival
  • Festival Internacional de Cine El Rosario
  • Cinemigrante
  • Cinesul

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    “An impressive documentary that shows how the gangs the police and even the local government collaborate to take any advantage from the migrant's situation. And it suggests that Mexican and Central American governments also have interests to leave the situation unchanged."
    Latino Barrio

    "These heart-wrenching stories shed light on the thousands of kidnappings, sexual abuse, human trafficking, and torture suffered by migrants who travel across Mexico each year with the hopes of reaching a brighter future in the United States."
    UCLA International Institute

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