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Suzy Lake: Playing with Time
A film by Annette Mangaard
2014, 62 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W151155
Photographer Suzy Lake is one of the formative feminist artists to evolve out of the heyday of the 1960ís and the Second Wave. A master of the art of self-portraiture, Lake influenced Cindy Sherman as well as a host of other female artists. Lake makes art that address politics, gender, youth, beauty and aging while reflecting on her own journey through time. SUZY LAKE: PLAYING WITH TIME tells the story of how much has changed in the worlds of feminism and art, and yet how much things remain the same.

Filming for almost 4 years, filmmaker Annette Mangaard weaves a powerful portrait of the complex artist by juxtaposing powerful archival footage, still photography and interviews with Lucy Lippard, Mary Beth Edelson and Martha Wilson among others. SUZY LAKE: PLAYING WITH TIME delves into Lakeís legacy as she continues to explore the politics of gender with work that deals with the aging woman, countering notions of consumer beauty with a different and real image, celebrating stamina, maturity and experience. An essential companion piece to any discussion on the Second Wave, feminism and art.


    "A moving portrait of the artist as a speaking subject. Lake speaks directly to the messy negotiation of identity in a culture obsessed with narrow definitions of beauty."
    Georgiana Uhlyarik
    Associate Curator, Art Gallery of Ontario

    "Mangaardís luminous new documentary on the life and career of Suzy Lake plays like a cross between a well-scripted, jam-packed biography program and a dreamy, experimental film."
    R.M. Vaughn
    Canada Art

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