WMM Films and Filmmakers Premiering and Participating in Industry Events at DOC NYC 2022!

We are thrilled to announce that seven films supported by our Production Assistance Program and our new acquisition CATEGORY:WOMAN will be screening at DOC NYC 2022, eight films will be participating in DOC NYC Industry Roundtable meetings, and two films have been selected for DOC NYC x VIDEO CONSORTIUM STORYTELLING INCUBATOR!  
Films screening at the festival include: 

  • WISDOM GONE WILD (dir. Rea Tajiri, maker of WMM releases HISTORY AND MEMORY and YURI KOCHIYAMA), a non-linear documentary featuring the filmmaker’s mother as she gradually slips into the grip of dementia;  
  • CATEGORY:WOMAN (dir. Phyllis Ellis), the new acquisition from WMM that follows Olympic athletes who are forced to undergo a human rights violating process of “sex-testing” to prove their right to compete in women’s sports will have its International Premiere. Included in Filmmaker Magazine’s 13 Films to Catch at DOC NYC 2022
  •  QUEEN OF THE DEUCE (dir. Valerie Kontakos), which tell the story of Chelly Wilson, a Jewish woman who escaped pre-war Greece to become a wealthy businesswoman on “The Deuce,” aka New York’s infamous 42nd Street; 
  • BEBA (dir. Rebeca Huntt), a stunning self-portrait that traces the filmmaker’s coming of age in New York City as the child of a Dominican father and a Venezuelan mother; 
  • 1964: THE MISTRANSLATION THAT SHIFTED A CULTURE (dir. Sharon “Rocky” Roggio), which follows a gay seminary scholar and a straight activist seeking to uncover the origins of the rabid homophobia of the conservative church; 
  • RADICAL LANDSCAPES (dir. Elettra Fiumi), a thought-provoking film about filmmaker Elettra Fiumi who, upon inheriting her father Fabrizio Fiumi’s architectural archives, discovered a man she knew nothing about; 
  • DEAR THIRTEEN (dir. Alexis Neophytides), a survey of thirteen-year-olds from across the globe as they navigate the joys and complexities of that seminal age and attempt to make sense of the world around them; and 
  • THEATER OF THOUGHT (dir. Werner Herzog), which follows award-winning director Werner Herzog as he teams up with scientist Rafael Yuste to interview an eclectic array of brain specialists undertaking research that has the potential to make the world both better and worse.  

DOC NYC’s Industry Roundtable provide an opportunity for filmmakers with works-in-progress to meet one-on-one with leading industry decision-makers, and we are so pleased that eight films made by Production Assistance program filmmakers and alum are participating this year. Projects taking meetings include BARBARA HAMMER PROJECT (dir. Brydie O’Connor), #WHILEBLACK (dir. Sidney Fussel, Samantha Knowles), DOWNWINDERS: FIRST WE BOMBED NEW MEXICO (dir. Lois Lipman), IMPOSSIBLE TOWN (dir. Meg Griffiths), QATAR STARS (dir. Danielle Beverly), and BREAK THE GAME (dir. Jane M. Wagner). Program alums Kat Vecchio (I WILL BE THE BEST OF YOU) and Cornelia Principe (RUSSIANS AT WAR) will also be pitching new projects! 

We are also thrilled to share that filmmakers Marta Effinger-Crichlow and Sara Khaki have been selected for the DOC NYC x VIDEO CONSORTIUM STORYTELLING INCUBATOR for WMM-sponsored projects LITTLE SALLIE WALKER and MOTORCYCLE MIDWIFE, respectively. 

There is so much to celebrate! Please join us in congratulating all. This year’s festival will be taking place both in-person and online Nov 9 – 27, 2022. WMM’s Debra Zimmerman and Emily Abi-Kheirs will be in attendance.  

Learn more about the festival and purchase tickets hereWMM community members can take $3 off tickets to the WMM films premiering (listed above) with promo code DOCNYC_PTNR_22. 

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