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Now you can learn more about - and contribute to - select film projects that are currently fiscally sponsored through our Production Assistance Program. The Program has assisted in the completion of hundreds of projects, including Oscar nominated CITIZENFOUR directed by Laura Poitras, as well as fiction features like PARIAH and Sundance 2015 premiere THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL. Over the last 5 years WMM has helped more than 120 films reach completion and channeled more than $17,000,000 to filmmakers.

You too can take part in helping women's visions reach the screen by donating here!

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WMM's Production Assistance and Fiscal Sponsorship Programs are separate from our Distribution Service. The films listed on this page ARE NOT part of our distribution catalog and therefore submitting a donation does NOT entitle you to a copy of the video.

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A film by Liz Sargent and Minos Papas
Bob and Joan Sargent raised 12 kids, eight of whom they adopted. Now the children are grown up and the elderly parents struggle to help those with special needs and mental illness. Filmmaker Liz Sargent wonders who will care for her parents as they get older and who will inherit the responsibility of the siblings who cannot care for themselves. The Sargent family navigates the hard truths of aging, disability, adoption, a healthcare system in flux and an evolving definition of family.

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A film by Rebecca Haimowitz
Who decides if a pregnant woman can be taken off of life support? The family? The hospital? The State?
THE PREGNANCY EXCLUSION examines the case of Marlise Muñoz, a brain-dead woman whose family was forced to keep her on life support against her wishes, because she was 14 weeks pregnant. The film shows the human story behind the headlines, and shines a light on a controversial law with frightening implications for all women and families.

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